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Self-defence classes for all ages in Harlow

Are you looking for a self development tool that will help you improve your mental and physical health? Shotokan & Goju Ryu karate is a Martial Art form that you will enjoy.

Mission statement:

Shinseikyu Karate Academy will provide a safe and friendly environment for children, young people and adults to learn karate, regardless of age, gender, learning needs, race, religion, sexuality or orientation.

Shinseikyu Karate Academy will also strive to provide an environment where students can reach their full potential.
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Training by Shihan Bessent

Shihan Bessent is the lead instructor of Shinseikyu Karate Academy. He has been trained by top Japanese, European and UK-based karate Senseis and various other masters of Martial Arts. Shihan Bessent has years of experience in taking self-defence classes in Harlow and the surrounding areas. He is friendly, approachable and is happy to answer questions from any Martial Artist.
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Karate lessons we teach:

• Shotokan kata
• Goju Ryu kata
• Shito Ryu Kata
• Kickboxing
• Practice weapons
• Randori
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Teaching more than just karate lessons

At Shinseikyu Karate Academy, we practice a blend of Shuri (Shotokan) and Naha (Goju Ryu) styles of karate. You will find a beautiful blend of Wing Chun from the Ying Wu Kwan school with elements of Kali/Escrima, all being blended into karate from the JKA and the Jundokan. Such a unique blend gives the students an edge over the others.

Here's a quick look into our self-defence classes!

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To learn Shotokan 7 Goju Ryu karate in Harlow call Shinseikyu Karate Academy on
07767 452 003

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